The Pact

The Pact: “Scream out Scary,” “Twisted and terrifying,” “Nail-biting Suspense”… Try the opposite.

The Pact follows a simple plot that takes a little while to get going and once it does, you realise you’ve probably seen this before. The development of the characters is poor at best and you can’t help but feel nothing for them and although their acting is above par in comparison to many of the horror films I’ve seen of late, it doesn’t make up for how bad the film turned out. The Pact manages to draw you in somewhat by reducing the amount of awful dialogue seen in other films, allowing the tension to build in the silence, but to call it a horror would be lying, for the weak story was absent of any scary moments and the story failed to deliver anything exciting apart from the end credits.


A Cat In Paris

A Cat in Paris: Jean-Loup Feliciloi’s animation is an enjoyable French import

A Cat in Paris is a French tale that is distinctive and beautifully sweet; it is simple yet sophisticated in its execution that combines a fantastically hand drawn animation that is unique and reminiscent of classic film noir with a splendid string of plots that ultimately sees Zoe, a young girl who has lost her father, pulled into a dangerous adventure across the rooftops and through the alleys of Paris with her cat, Dino, who at night acts an accomplice to a cat burglar named Nico. The biggest appeal to this funny, captivating and thrilling plot is of course the art direction that is so very different to the usual computer generated, 3D monsters we are used to seeing nowadays and as such, it feels as though a children’s book has come to life on the big screen. It is a short film at only just over an hour and it does require subtitles for those non-French speaking individuals, but that makes it no less satisfying or enjoyable – check out the trailer:

Image from: A Cat in Paris, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here

A Mothers Son

A Mothers Son:ITV’s two part drama is an engrossing and thought provoking thriller

A Mother’s Son is a thrilling and thought provoking two part drama that leaves you feeling anxious as you watch Rosie, played by the superb Hermione Norris who does subdued pain in a way few others manage, become a distrusting mother to her son, Jamie, who begins to act suspiciously in the light of a young girls murder. An excellent cast acts out a wonderfully written script that see’s us watch Rosie battle a dilemma about a mothers’ love and what she should do in the light of some recent discoveries about her son; is he a murderer and if so, as a mother, what do you do? We are thrown some red herrings along the way and whilst it was a well paced drama that made us question the other characters involved, I was still left feeling, perhaps unfairly, disappointed by the lack of a final twist.

Image from: A Mothers Son, ITV, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here

Homeland S01

Homeland is an exciting and all absorbing psychological thriller that will put you on the edge of your seat with superb performances from Danes, Lewis and Patinkin that will keep you asking, Is Brody a traitor or not? The twists and turns throughout will keep you hooked as we follow Carrie, an unpredictable yet strong willed CIA officer, and Brody, a former POW that is welcomed home to a hero’s welcome, on a journey where no one can truly be trusted; Carrie begins to undertake surveillance she isn’t authorised to whilst we are treated to flashbacks of Brody’s history in captivity that will keep you off balance and on your toes throughout. As time goes by, more questions are raised in this well paced drama as we begin to understand the characters and their motivations further where the question becomes far greater than just whether Brody is a traitor or not.

Image from: Showtime/Homeland, (2011), Carries Wall Wallpaper [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 26 August 12].