Virgin Media Shorts

Virgin Media Shorts:

So for the first time ever, a Youtube ad has gotten my attention for the right reasons. The Virgin Media Shorts are here to champion undiscovered talent and there are some awards coming up in November including a People’s Choice Award. So with so little real time on my hands at the moment – no time to catch films or get on with that magazine idea at the moment – I thought I would check these shorts and throw up a few thoughts on them. I’m going to say straight off the bat that I think you should check them all out – they were shortlisted for a reason. Some are, of course, better than others but each are worthy of their place.

Sprockett – (Hazel Meeks)
Synopsis: Freddy is faced with a double-dare. Will he face his fear and enter the world of Old Man Sprockett? The answer is an enjoyable little flick that is constructed really well, addressing the typical childhood fear of the bogeyman. I liked this.

Rocket – (Jennifer Sheridan)
Synopsis: A small dog with big dreams.
This one is cute and a lot of fun. The music is chosen well and the only star, Bowie, the dog, is great. Aspirations and dreams of a lava-lamp inspired dog filled into two short minutes.

Man Up – (Carolina Giammetta)
Synopsis: Three men discuss how to be ‘the boss’ in life.
A comedy that is actually quite funny and addresses the life of every man and his relationship. You’ll know exactly what they are on about. It was well written and sits comfortably near the top of my list.

The Best Medicine (Dan Smith)
Synopsis: A girl with an unusual laugh tries to deal with what she considers to be her ‘problem’.
Another funny tale that does what it says on the tin. The repetitive scenes work well and ends great. Worthy of 2 minutes of my time just for the laugh.

Without Saying (film maker Paul)
Synopsis: A story set in the opening chapters of romance. A boy with no shortage of words struggles to express his feelings to the one girl who cares.
The script was nice, the idea too, but I can’t help but feel as though it was all a bit, well, pointless. I don’t mean to be harsh, and I understand what the message is that they are trying to portray, but I just couldn’t enjoy it as much as the others.

A Brush With A Bee (Katie Parnell)
Synopsis: In a small English Town square a struggling painter does battle with a bee to protect his final masterpiece from the insect’s tiny hands. He is old, tired and determined. He is particular. He is a tightly wound spring. Will the bee escape? Will the small buzzing creature get to its beloved painting, and will the painter survive his brief and unexpected brush with a bee?
The animation of the bunch is so very pleasant for the most part. Words are unspoken, but there need not be any here. Worth a watch, but not the best of the bunch.

Lucky 13: PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer
Synopsis: a boys journey through the universe to find a wondrous new planet to explore.
The adventure flick works well enough and the use of the camera and overlaid narrative is smart. But I didn’t particularly enjoy this, perhaps because it did feel very much like an armature film, of which I do appreciate in that this is pretty much what this is.

Little Larry
Synopsis: In Larry’s life every day is the same. Lonely. He is a mid-twenties, professional, single man who still feels like a child inside. Something is missing. Larry is finding growing up and fitting in so hard that he still sees himself as an 8 year old boy. Can Larry find the missing link thats stopping him grow into the man he longs to be?
I like this portrayal of someone being a lonely twenty something, and the end tops it off well apart from it being a bit sudden. But the point they are trying to make is made well enough here.

Synopsis: Two People, One Flat
This non speaking drama features two people in a flat as they go through the awkward moments of moving in together, before it begins to get strange. I don’t really know how one would go about describing this funny little tale, so just give it a watch and enjoy.

Morning Rules
Synopsis: June is professional mourner. She’s teaching her OCD sister Izzy the tricks of the trade.
I found this pretty damn funny, even though the genre states Action & Adventure? It is one of the most enjoyable of the bunch thanks to the writing and acting here.

Dream Girl
Synopsis: An unexpected encounter on an early morning tube journey.
I think they did well to portray the awkwardness of this moment, and then I thought it got a little weird when it moved to the end of the short. I can understand what is trying to be said and all, and it does work, just perhaps it could have been done better.

Super Fast Samosa
Synopsis: BREAK OUT THE MANGO CHUTNEY! COS EVERYONE WANTS A PIECE OF HIM . . . . The gingerbread man story re-imagined with a bollywood twist.
This animation was indeed beautifully done and the music really worked. It was a great retelling of the gingerbread man story.

The Plotters
Synopsis: “Remember, remember… who are you again?”
The Guy Fawkes comedy is acted out really well as they debate a very important matter. A Good script and a great end. Another of my favourite – funnily enough, all my favourites are comedies.

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