Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III: Hmm…

Jurassic Park III tells the story of a couple of people who go to Isla Sorna with a certain Dr Alan Grant and after landing on the island, the dinosaurs begin to, as you’d expect from said film, cause them a wee bit of trouble. Simply put, Jurassic Park is actually an OK sequel to its predecessors (which I didn’t rate highly in the first place to be honest), loud and nonsensical, and not really worthwhile the time it takes to watch as the plot goes nowhere and is filled with awful characters and an even worse end. In reality, dinosaurs are long extinct from the earth, much like this franchise should be but unfortunately, we’re due for another in 2014.

Image from: Jurassic Park III, (2001), [ONLINE]. Available here

PS: Pixelated Fridays should be back next Friday – Sooooo busy!


Repo Men (2010)

Repo Men: Jude Law and Forest Whitaker go on the hunt for organs…

I feel like it’s turned into an Action/Sci-Fi type week over here – In Time, Looper and now Repo Men reviews. I was just in that sort of mood, I guess. I like these, maybe a little too much 😮

When it comes to actors I really enjoy watching, both Jude Law and Forest Whitaker would be placed somewhere near to the top and for that reason, as well as the intriguing storyline of Repo Men is what initially enticed me to catch this speculative Sci-Fi film, and neither failed in impressing me again. Once the characters are established, Repo Men manages to provide a satisfying and enjoyable ride full of action that tells an intriguing story of morality where Law & Whitaker repossess artificial organs from those who can no longer keep up with their payments in a violent and often humorous manner that keeps you hooked from start to finish. There is more to this film than what’s on the surface though, and taking a minute to think about the ending and what the film is trying to say about Remy (Jude Law) makes this a respectable film that I personally enjoyed quite a lot.

Image from: Repo Men, (2010), [ONLINE]. Available here

Pixelated Fridays

Ooo, I say, a new feature that should appear every Friday without fail. Essentially, I give you five screenshots/freezeframes of five different films and you have to say from which film it is from. But I will also be going to the extra effort of pixelating the faces and some specific objects too, so who is the character and what is the pixelated object (if there is one)?

Now for the first week, things are a wee bit simpler than what they will be in the future. A beginner event that is straight forward, lets say. Faces are pixelated, there are no objects pixelated here and it might just be somewhat obvious. Just the question of what film and who’s the character? I’ll post up the answers tomorrow if people somehow don’t get these all.

Looper Review

Looper: A truly memorable sci-fi thriller from Rian Johnson

Looper has many plus points, from the stylistic opening scenes to the smart script and original storyline that concludes with a very satisfying end that will ultimately leave you thinking and talking about the whole film for some time afterwards. It’s initially paced at a speed that manages to hold your suspense whilst punching you in the face with action and superb acting, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt destined for a big and bright future (not to mention Johnson’s future too), but there are also some very slight negative points as the film progresses (I’m nitpicking), if you could call them negative as such. The pace shirks from its beginnings and becomes more, well, boggy and perhaps less entertaining as the earlier sequence of events, but no less enjoyable as the plot progressively develops in to something very interesting and so, take nothing away from Looper, it is a smart and largely well put together film full of great moments that provides something truly memorable – loved it.

Image from: Looper, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here

In Time (2011)

In Time: Where money is time, and time is money. How much time do you have left?

In Time, the sort of film title film critics love, giving them the chance to twist it in an attempt to make a witty statement about how this film was a waste of time, or how it indeed did finish just in time. But the truth is, time was no issue here, apart for those involved in the film – it was paced well to ensure that the plot was always moving forward in what is one of the more original and interesting concepts in Sci-Fi, making for an enjoyable watch, even with the drawbacks. There are some well made points to this film, highlighting many a relatable issue that strikes a chord or two, but the execution across the board was disappointing, from the acting to the writing amongst other slight niggling drawbacks, reducing this film to a somewhat regrettably forgettable flick that could have been better than what it really was.

Image from: In Time, (2011), [ONLINE]. Available here


Safe: Typical hard hitting Statham action film

To summarise, Jason Statham plays Luke, an ex cage fighter turned super man on a mission to help save Mei, a young Chinese girl who is on the run from your typical bad– there is the corrupt police, the Triads and the Russian mafia. The basics of the plot are simple and it is indeed your typical Statham film in every sense – its hard hitting with high-octane action and unbelievable stunts that could never be achieved in real life, but that’s all part of the fun; I mean, who would want to see our action hero walk away with any form of injurywhen he launches himself out of a building window? It’s filmed at a good pace with quality camera work and a surprisingly solid script, and although the plot is typically predictable, Safe manages to provide some enjoyable dialogue and a slick sequence of scenes that gives us Statham at his best.

Thank You!

So I just wanted to post a big thank you to everyone who has commented and followed, read and liked TSC. We have, in just one month, managed to scramble together over 50 followers and are encroaching on 1000 views. I had never anticipated that this would be welcomed so quickly nor had I ever thought about where this blog would be in such a short space of time.

I have a few plans for upcoming features with some more community involvement, but there is one thing I’d love to do in the future and that is to produce a free digitally published magazine, quarterly I think would be best, packed full of all things film from all the best independent film bloggers like yourselves. There is no set plan for this, just an independent film bloggers magazine that provides reviews of both new and old, previews, news, articles, top 10 lists, interviews and any other feature type thing you can think of etc etc. So I suppose what I should ask is, if you’re interested in either participating or just reading, say so. We can then set about creating a magazine and discussing what and how we should fill it. That is, of course, if there is any significant interest in a bunch of us collectively creating an independent magazine together.