Homeland (s02.e01-e02)

Homeland – Season Two: There’s the smile and a wee bit of redemption, suspense and a whole lot of genius… TV, oh how I love thee…

The Sunday just gone marked the return of the second season of Homeland (in the UK), staged some six months after the last episode ended and from the onset, Homeland updates you and makes its mark, keeping you just as glued to the TV as the first season, except that this time, it’s even more enthralling and suspenseful. Being a week behind the US, I couldn’t resist the urge to catch the second episode and whilst there are some minor gripes with certain things (let’s just say the Skype call and the positioning of some people as examples), everything else feels spot on, from the revelations to all the sub-plots (the father-daughter relationship my particular favourite), the writing and of course, the acting. Clever, ambitious and above all else, entertaining, Homeland is quite possibly the best show currently on TV and for you to miss it would be a huge mistake!

Image from: Homeland, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here


Homeland S01

Homeland is an exciting and all absorbing psychological thriller that will put you on the edge of your seat with superb performances from Danes, Lewis and Patinkin that will keep you asking, Is Brody a traitor or not? The twists and turns throughout will keep you hooked as we follow Carrie, an unpredictable yet strong willed CIA officer, and Brody, a former POW that is welcomed home to a hero’s welcome, on a journey where no one can truly be trusted; Carrie begins to undertake surveillance she isn’t authorised to whilst we are treated to flashbacks of Brody’s history in captivity that will keep you off balance and on your toes throughout. As time goes by, more questions are raised in this well paced drama as we begin to understand the characters and their motivations further where the question becomes far greater than just whether Brody is a traitor or not.

Image from: Showtime/Homeland, (2011), Carries Wall Wallpaper [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.sho.com/site/image-bin/images/804_2_0/804_2_0_prm-wallpape35FF84_1024x768.jpg [Accessed 26 August 12].