I firmly believe that a short review can be just as insightful as that of a long one. I don’t want you wasting time reading what are, sometimes, overly in depth reviews that spoil the film or just waddle on – I like to keep it short and sweet. I don’t want to spoil anything by unravelling the plot, but intend to describe it in such a way that it encompasses the enjoyable nature of it – or the unfortunately dull nature of it.

I’m not exactly a fan of the star rating system… the more you use it, the more you grow to dislike it because trying to put completely differing movies with differing genres, budgets and styles on the same scale is tough and awkward. A film thats amazing and a film that is shocking is simple enough to rate, but everything in the middle (so most films) is tough to decide where on that scale it should fit. Currently, I’m using a 5 star system, perhaps I’ll move to something else or even just 4 stars.

Terrible: I really didnt like this and seriously discourage those of you who are contemplating on watching this to not do so.
★★ Poor: I didn’t like this but in places found it, on occassion, acceptable, in which case you might too.
★★★ OK: I found this average, watchable and generally enjoyable, but forgetable.
★★★★ Good: I liked this and found it, on the whole, interesting, thought provoking and/or enjoyable to watch; it was memorable.
★★★★★ Excellent: I loved this and found it of very interesting and enjoyable throughout and urge you to take a look.

So if one film gets a 4 stars even though it may not be as good as another 4 star rated flick, it is because I still found it enjoyable and memorable. I do use half stars to try and help differentiate between those that are 4 stars and then those that arejust that bit better.


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  1. Hehe! I love the point and look of your blog. I was thinking of going with this theme too…it was one of my top two choices… Unfortunately I am of the loooooooooooong and drawn out variety for posts…go figure. 🙂

    1. Glad you like the point and style. I wanted to keep it fairly simple to go along with the short and sweet style of the reviews. Hopefully it works well. Nothing wrong with the loooong style posts, many of which I really enjoy – like yours and your theme, works great.

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