Long time no post. Have been a few things going on recently and everything has been (and still is, to be honest) pretty hectic. The chance to get around to watching a film let alone sitting down to write a review (albeit one made up of just three sentences) is pretty tough at the moment. But, I have not forgotten this beautiful place. Oh no. No no no no. I have plans to slowly wean myself back into this as things become a little less hectic and then hopefully I can talk about all the things I enjoy and hate about the latest films I’ve happened to see. Then it should get back to normal with a few posts a week.

Just as a side note, like a minor replacement for not putting up any reviews, I will say that I have been enjoying some good TV whilst I’ve gobbled down my food during the day. BBC’s Hunted and the new series of The Walking Dead have been enjoyable so far – though, for anyone else watching TWD, what happened to the recoil that guns have? Homelandtoo, still very much enjoying that: Feels as though it is on fast forward, which is by no means a bad thing in this case – eagerly awaiting to see what will hope next. Elementary, I figure, works well enough too as a spin off of Sherlock and I’ll keep watching it for now. I hate to admit it, but I quite like E4’s US import, Revenge. Just something about it that is very enjoyable. With Misfits about to come back on, I will certainly be making time to see it. Though I didn’t enjoy the second season so much as the first, I will  be watching this one still. I like James Nesbit, so have been watching Monroeon Catch-up too. It’s alright…

But anyway, TV is TV, and there are some new releases that have come out that I’m desperate to see but can’t at the moment 😦 And reading everyone elses reviews only makes me want to see them more. I’ll try and get over and give out some comments, too. Anyway, in the honorable and truthful words of Arnie, I’ll be back.


13 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I agree with the previous commenter. I hope this gets worked out! On a selfish note – I want to send you some interview questions.

    1. Thanks buddy! Great to see it up, had good fun doing that. There are so many films I could have picked from and looking at the list, I always think ‘Ooo, I could have swapped this for that’, then think ‘Nahh, I like that too much’ haha.

  2. I always find it a struggle to balance work/life and blog, it is very difficult! I hope that things ease up soon.

    How are you finding Misfits? I wasn’t so sure about it at first, as I loved the first couple of series. Rudy is such a great character, though!

    1. It sure is a tough thing. Even with things quieter, it’s still a tough cookie but I’ll persist, even if it isn’t so regular because I love doing it!

      As for Misfits, I’m actually quite enjoying it to my surprise and I agree, Rudy is great.

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