Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III: Hmm…

Jurassic Park III tells the story of a couple of people who go to Isla Sorna with a certain Dr Alan Grant and after landing on the island, the dinosaurs begin to, as you’d expect from said film, cause them a wee bit of trouble. Simply put, Jurassic Park is actually an OK sequel to its predecessors (which I didn’t rate highly in the first place to be honest), loud and nonsensical, and not really worthwhile the time it takes to watch as the plot goes nowhere and is filled with awful characters and an even worse end. In reality, dinosaurs are long extinct from the earth, much like this franchise should be but unfortunately, we’re due for another in 2014.

Image from: Jurassic Park III, (2001), [ONLINE]. Available here

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8 thoughts on “Jurassic Park III

  1. This is my least favorite out of all the Jurassic Park movies. It was dull and uninteresting for me. I know I’m probably still going to see the fourth one come out though. Nice review.

    1. Same, I did prefer the previous movies but I will no doubt watch the newest one even though I just feel like it will be pointless.

  2. I like this one better than the second one, mainly because of the Pteronodon Bird cage which was in Crichton’s 1st book. I liked the characters a little better and they seemed to have better motivations. The only thing I liked about JP II was the T.Rex running through the streets.

  3. I loved the first Jurassic Park – one of my favourite movies of all time – so I found both sequels a bit disappointing. While I’ve re-watched the second one quite a few times, I haven’t seen the third one since it was on at the cinema. Your review reminds me not try to it again. Hopefully the passage of time will have allowed some creative ideas to flourish and the fourth instalment will be great! Here’s hoping…

  4. Weirdly I enjoyed this one more than Jurassic Park II: might be something to do with the returning Sam Neill and the long overdue introduction of some pterodactyls. Even more weirdly, I saw this film in 2001 while 9/11 was occurring in New York. Sauntered home unaware what had been going on for hours, switched on the TV News and felt like I was still watching a movie.

  5. I’ve made sure I’ve avoided Jurassic Park III for as long as possible! I love the first and second, and even though I own the third I’ve never seen it. I really don’t want it to ruin the series for me; I think I made the right decision!

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