Repo Men (2010)

Repo Men: Jude Law and Forest Whitaker go on the hunt for organs…

I feel like it’s turned into an Action/Sci-Fi type week over here – In Time, Looper and now Repo Men reviews. I was just in that sort of mood, I guess. I like these, maybe a little too much 😮

When it comes to actors I really enjoy watching, both Jude Law and Forest Whitaker would be placed somewhere near to the top and for that reason, as well as the intriguing storyline of Repo Men is what initially enticed me to catch this speculative Sci-Fi film, and neither failed in impressing me again. Once the characters are established, Repo Men manages to provide a satisfying and enjoyable ride full of action that tells an intriguing story of morality where Law & Whitaker repossess artificial organs from those who can no longer keep up with their payments in a violent and often humorous manner that keeps you hooked from start to finish. There is more to this film than what’s on the surface though, and taking a minute to think about the ending and what the film is trying to say about Remy (Jude Law) makes this a respectable film that I personally enjoyed quite a lot.

Image from: Repo Men, (2010), [ONLINE]. Available here


13 thoughts on “Repo Men (2010)

  1. So does this have anything in common with Repo The Genetic Opera? It always felt somehow like this was kind of ripping on that (although I haven’t seen this so there’s a good chance I’m entirely wrong about that). Or is the repo’ing of organs the only thing they share?

    1. I’ve never seen that one, and as far as I know this is based on a short story called the repossession mambo*, or something similar. But yeah, I think that’s the only similarity. Ill have to have a look up about that one

    2. Repo Men has basically the same premise as Repo! The Genetic Opera; a corrupt corporation sells organs at exorbitant prices to people and legal assassins called repo men take the organs back if the people that bought the organs can’t afford to pay for them. Repossession Mambo came out a year after Repo! The Genetic Opera, so it seems like the premise was lifted from Repo!, though it’s possible, if improbable, that the author came up with the idea independently.

  2. Nice review. Nothing too special here worth noting, except for some fun, bloody action that allows this film’s future to go farther than you expect, but with nothing really original.

  3. Nice review although I must say I really disliked this movie. It was one of those where I kept looking at the time. It just didn’t work for me.

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