Pixelated Fridays

Ooo, I say, a new feature that should appear every Friday without fail. Essentially, I give you five screenshots/freezeframes of five different films and you have to say from which film it is from. But I will also be going to the extra effort of pixelating the faces and some specific objects too, so who is the character and what is the pixelated object (if there is one)?

Now for the first week, things are a wee bit simpler than what they will be in the future. A beginner event that is straight forward, lets say. Faces are pixelated, there are no objects pixelated here and it might just be somewhat obvious. Just the question of what film and who’s the character? I’ll post up the answers tomorrow if people somehow don’t get these all.


18 thoughts on “Pixelated Fridays

    1. I thought it was easy, but that might just be because I picked them and knew in the first place hahaha. But yeah, you got that one right! Funny thing is when you know them, you might just go… ‘Oh yeah

      1. my worthless opinion – no clues, my friend… no clues… we need to get into this and get to thinking….

  1. 1. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (? I think)
    2. Not sure but I think that’s Colin Farrell.
    3. The Shawshank Redemption
    4. Inglorious Basterds

  2. 1. LOTR (I don’t know which movie, I can’t tell them apart)
    2. Don’t know who it is, but he looks like a tall Al Pacino
    3. Reading the comments, I see it’s from Shawshank but I didn’t see that, so my answer is “?”
    4. Mélanie Laurent in Inglourious Basterds
    5. Let the Right One In

    1. I do believe it is the second LOTR, but I was going through them all to find one that I wanted.
      I wouldn’t expect you to get number two – I know you’ve not seen this one just yet 😉
      But yes, Shawshank. I was initially going to do the shot whilst he was in court.
      I loved Laurent in Basterds, so I had to have her on this.
      And finally, that is very much correct.

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