Safe: Typical hard hitting Statham action film

To summarise, Jason Statham plays Luke, an ex cage fighter turned super man on a mission to help save Mei, a young Chinese girl who is on the run from your typical bad– there is the corrupt police, the Triads and the Russian mafia. The basics of the plot are simple and it is indeed your typical Statham film in every sense – its hard hitting with high-octane action and unbelievable stunts that could never be achieved in real life, but that’s all part of the fun; I mean, who would want to see our action hero walk away with any form of injurywhen he launches himself out of a building window? It’s filmed at a good pace with quality camera work and a surprisingly solid script, and although the plot is typically predictable, Safe manages to provide some enjoyable dialogue and a slick sequence of scenes that gives us Statham at his best.


13 thoughts on “Safe

      1. Interesting to hear that. Have to admit that if you’d ask me to name his best movie I’d probably would have a hard time coming up with one.

      2. Yeah, when I say better films, I mean lately (ie Killer Elite, Blitz, Expendables). If I had to pick out a fav, it would be between Snatch & Lock Stock, probably Transporter making up my top 3 of his.

  1. Yes this is a ‘typical’ movie for Jason Statham which i find a little annoying as I think he is capable of better such as ‘The Bank Job’. There is more acting talent in him that clearly never gets a chance to be seen, on the other hand I guess he is making a nice living

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