Junkhearts – Must See Gritty Drama

Junkhearts: a Gritty Must See British Drama

Eddie Marsan excels in what is a gritty, brutal and often ugly portrayal of Frank, an alcoholic, traumatised and haunted by his past who takes in a young homeless girl, Lynette (Candese Reid), in what appears to be an attempt to overcome his loneliness and fears – to “reinvent his world”. The two manage to forge what is a touching relationship that is beautifully crafted by the superb Marsan and Reid, only for Lynette’s ominous boyfriend to turn things upside down. Tinge Krishnan’s film directorial debut creates a refreshing, gritty realism that is superbly shot and fantastically expressed, combining a great cast with a thoroughly enjoyable script that was full of sincerity, wit and optimism that made for a truly compelling and memorable film.

Extra comments give me an excuse to talk more about this film – it simply deserves more recognition: I caught this on TV, having never heard of it before and what a fantastic surprise. I didn’t anticipate much, but the honesty and heart proved refreshing and entertaining. A British film with some new talent (Reid) and some top rated talent (Marsan) makes it well worth a watch. A truly interesting drama that deserves the awards (Best Film, Best Leading Actor) it got – so if you can get hold of a copy, give it a watch.

Image from: Junkhearts, (2011), [ONLINE]. Available here


5 thoughts on “Junkhearts – Must See Gritty Drama

    1. Its really worth a watch, the whole cast do a really good job. I can see people either loving it or finding it boring and not enjoying it for what it is, I was clearly in the first. If you do happen to see it, I’d love to hear what you think.

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