Five Days of Simon Pegg: Day Five, Future Releases

Five Days of… Simon Pegg:
The fifth and final day of Simon Pegg takes a little look at some of Pegg’s upcoming films

The fifth and final day of Simon Pegg has arrived and with it I bring a poll. I’d like to gauge how much you enjoyed this featured series and what you would add or change, if anything. The initial aim of the series was to highlight some of my favourite actors/directors through reviews, news, what’s coming up and their history. I wanted to make the pieces more unique and individual, but getting the likes of an interview with such names is, I imagine, quite the tough task (not that it won’t stop me from trying, eh). So if you can suggest any ways to improve this, please say. If you enjoyed, please say why and hopefully I can build on it for next time. Anyway, time to check out Pegg’s future releases.

Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

The sequel to the hit feature Star Trek features Pegg as Scotty once again in what I’m sure will be a solid continuation in the rebooted franchise. I’d like to say it will be better, but with very little known about the actual film, not much can be said about that. My prediction is that we will be given another solid film with some typically punchy and funny lines, facial expressions and acts from Pegg, but nothing too amazing to warrant it being a five star feature.

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

The comedy drama adapted from the book of the same name by Francois Lelord is about an eccentric psychiatrist from London who is on a quest to find out if happiness exists in the world; if it exists for him. The character traits seem to support the casting of Pegg as Hector – an eccentric character with ‘child-like curiosity’ goes on a journey that is said to be ‘colourful, exotic, dangerous and hysterical’. Also in the cast is Roasmund Pike and Christoper Plummer, two very talented actors. It’s bound to be an enjoyable, feel good film and hopefully it will surpass that of similar ‘feel good, adventure comedies’ before it, better than a three star film but never quite reaching the dizzy heights of five. I think I might just purchase the book now it has been brought to my attention.

The World’s End (2013)

My favourite in his upcoming list of activity is The Worlds End, so I thought best to leave it till last. One can make the prediction, based solely on ‘facts’ that this one will do well. The infamous trio of Wright, Pegg and Frost team up once again in their attempt to create another hit. The premise sounds like something straight out of university (or even straight out of a Simon Pegg movie, funnily enough) – a group of men reunite after twenty years in an attempt to complete an epic pub crawl that ends at The World’s End pub, something they failed to achieve last time out. But as they try to put together the past years gone by in their struggle to reach the elusive pub, they begin to realise that the real struggle is not only for their future, but humankinds.

Immediately it is apparent that that Pegg and co are working on this film just by the plot alone. It sounds fascinating and is currently being filmed right now. The pub names alone are enough to make me excited about this film, even if it and a basic plot is all I know. This is firmly stapled to the top of my list and my prediction is another five stars for this trio.

So in all I am expecting some good things to come from the comic genius that is Pegg. Here’s hoping things live up to expectations. Thank you all for checking out Five Days Of Simon Pegg, much appreciated the following it has gotten. Now, Mr Pegg, you have been firmly etched into my list of all time favourites.


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