Five Days of Simon Pegg: Day Four, Hot Fuzz & More

Five Days of… Simon Pegg:
Day Four sees us visit and review some of Pegg’s work, including the major follow up to Shaun of the Dead; Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz (2007)

The trio of Edgar Wright, Pegg and Frost were back for more movie mashup goodness in this mystery comedy full of action movie reference goodness.

When big time, perfect cop Nicholas Angel is transferred from London to a small village, he is embroiled in a hilarious mystery tale of deception and murrrrderr. It is quintessentially British, from the setting and the style to the reasons behind the whole mystery which makes this irresistible to anyone British. For everyone, though, there are enough movie references and jokes to ensure that whatever the setting, it would’ve been hilarious. So for British humour fans, this is a must watch.

It has a superb cast of misfit police officers, amongst others, from the supermarket trolley attendant to the flower shop lady. The camera and editing work is as ever superb, giving a real sense of mystery throughout in what is a fast paced action comedy full of loud action sequences. The unrelenting pace keeps this whole tale together, allowing the characters and story to develop into something that never lets off, ensuring you are never far from a laugh.

Each character gives something different and their roles are performed admirably by the superb cast. With clever dialogue and perfectly set up jokes, Hot Fuzz manages to satirise just about every action film known to man with ease whilst creating its own original and thoroughly enjoyable story.

Once Frost is introduced to Pegg, the murder ensues and things begin to get interesting. But it only gets better from here onward as more action and comical mayhem ensues before ending on a massive high. Equally as good as Shaun of the Dead, a must see for those fans of Pegg, comedy, action films and generally just those who want to be entertained.

Three Sentence Reviews of past Pegg: Moving on to the traditional three sentences, don’t want to be straying to far away from the norm, aye!

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)

An often funny look at the world of journalism that sees Sidney Young (Pegg) get the opportunity to work for a big US magazine, but his lasting impression isn’t a good one, especially when he alienates the one person that is meant to be helping him settle in. The laughs are somewhat regular thanks to Pegg and the portrayal of his character,  the plot provides an enjoyable, feel good film . It’s worth a watch if you’re a Pegg fan anyway, even if it’s only an average film.

Star Trek (2009)

From the start, Star Trek set out with a fast pace that was full of entertainment, wit and thrills, even for non fans of the series. Bringing the series back to life, JJ Abrams manages to create a feature that is significantly more exhilarating and enjoyable than those that came before it, making it fully accessible to the masses in an adventure that shows us how the crew of the USS Enterprise came together for their maiden voyage to stop an evil threat to mankind. Visually stunning, acting superb, comedic moments great and the plot fun makes this well worth a watch

Burke and Hare (2010)

Loosely based on the murders of the same name, Landis returns after 12 years away from directorial duties to produce what is meant to be a funny and entertaining flick. But, even with a solid cast and an interesting plot to work with, Burke and Hare fails to produce any really funny moments. Landis directs with a keen eye for detail, but it gives no real entertainment that meets any of his, nor Pegg’s other work.


12 thoughts on “Five Days of Simon Pegg: Day Four, Hot Fuzz & More

    1. Loving all the love for Hot Fuzz!
      As you say, HTLFAAP was a bit naff, and Star Trek, well I enjoyed that, something I was surprised about considering my moderate dislike for the series. As for Burke and Hare, lets just say it’s not really worthwhile putting aside other films to see it.

  1. I’ve only seen the first three but I’ve got to echo the other commenters in appreciating the love shown for Hot Fuzz. Probably my 2nd favorite comedy of all time after Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but that’s just as much a credit to Pegg as it is to director Edgar Wright

  2. You know, Star Trek was one of those movies I was mixed on. I mean I enjoyed it. But it took such radical liberties with the source material. I’m no “Trekkie” but I was surprised by some of it.

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