Five Days of Simon Pegg: Day One

Five Days of… Simon Pegg: The self confessed ‘nerd’ is a comic, actor, writer and producer as well as being the first person to feature on five days of

A Short history of Simon Pegg:

Welcome to Five Days of Simon Pegg. I hope you enjoy the new feature!

The man from Gloucestershire has had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest names in film, from Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg (“just nerdy little film-makers”), Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig, Megan Fox and Kirsten Dunst. But Pegg’s career is, as far as I’m concerned, best described by the quality of work he, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost are a part of.

After Pegg graduated from the University of Bristol, he moved to London and made a somewhat successful career out of stand up comedy. He and Frost were introduced to each other by Pegg’s then girlfriend. The two immediately clicked after they impressed each other with their Chewbacca impressions and since then, it has turned into a partnership that has seen the two appear in several features together. Frankly, this Guardian interview does well to capture the love between the two of them.

The start of it all:

Pegg wrote, along with Jessica Hynes, the comedy tv series that was Spaced back in 1999(-2001). Co starring Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright, the series went on to be a classic. Three years after the series finished, Pegg had co-written with Wright and co-starred with Frost in the break-through film that was Shaun of the Dead (2004). The three worked again on the 2007 hit film Hot Fuzz, where Peter Jackson got himself a cameo role on screen as Santa.

Pegg has gone on to play big parts in Mission Impossible III and Ghost Protocol as Benji Dunn alongside Tom Cruise as well as playing Scotty in JJ Abrams Star Trek in 2009, where he is set to take on the role again in the upcoming sequel.

Amongst his growing portfolio of films, Pegg has starred in the 2007 film, Run Fatboy Run, in which he co-wrote too. As well as this, Pegg has starred alongside Kirsten Dunst as Sidney Young in the romantic comedy, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. Burke & Hare (2010) came after that, shortly followed by Paul (2011) and after that, A Fantastic Fear of Everything in 2012

Amongst those on screen performances, Pegg has done voice over work in the latest two Ice Age films, The Adventures of TinTin as well as in the game Fable III.

What draws me to Pegg is his personality – and when him and Frost are together, it’s hard not to be entertained.

Coming up tomorrow is a look at the early years of Pegg’s career with a look and review of Spaced, before moving onto day three and four with reviews of two of my favourite Pegg films & a little look at some of the other work he has done before finally finishing by looking at what is coming up for Pegg in the future.

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11 thoughts on “Five Days of Simon Pegg: Day One

  1. Nice post. I like Simon Pegg, despite the fact that I’ve only seen him in The Adventures of Tintin and the Mission Impossible films. I’m going to try to see Shaun of the Dead soon some time before Halloween.

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