Killing Them Softly

Killing Them Softly: A blackly funny and enjoyable crime drama

Brad Pitt stars as Jackie Cogan and gives an excellent performance in the blackly funny, crime thriller Killing Them Softly – it is violent, smart and memorable but it is so much more than what the trailer initially suggests. The films setting and backdrop gives this film a unique twist that is fascinating and captivating to the point where this film becomes more than just a film about an assassin catching some criminals – given this, the film surpasses those typical expectations you would have of a mobster, assassin type crime drama. The script offers some great moments and the cast do a great job in their roles, especially Pitt, as ever, but it is Andrew Dominik, the writer/director, who makes this film what it is by converting the standard crime drama into something that offers a whole lot more in terms of the films style, music and direction.

Might start implementing the above rating system/or similar – I could add other things like Acting and what not but unsure as to whether I need to complicate the normal rating system at all – might just keep the usual rating system?

Image from: Killing Them Softly, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here


16 thoughts on “Killing Them Softly

  1. Great review. I really enjoyed Killing Them Softly – the characters were so well thought out and the performances were top notch. James Gandolfini really stole the show for me – I wish we had seen more of him.

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