A Cat In Paris

A Cat in Paris: Jean-Loup Feliciloi’s animation is an enjoyable French import

A Cat in Paris is a French tale that is distinctive and beautifully sweet; it is simple yet sophisticated in its execution that combines a fantastically hand drawn animation that is unique and reminiscent of classic film noir with a splendid string of plots that ultimately sees Zoe, a young girl who has lost her father, pulled into a dangerous adventure across the rooftops and through the alleys of Paris with her cat, Dino, who at night acts an accomplice to a cat burglar named Nico. The biggest appeal to this funny, captivating and thrilling plot is of course the art direction that is so very different to the usual computer generated, 3D monsters we are used to seeing nowadays and as such, it feels as though a children’s book has come to life on the big screen. It is a short film at only just over an hour and it does require subtitles for those non-French speaking individuals, but that makes it no less satisfying or enjoyable – check out the trailer:

Image from: A Cat in Paris, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here


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