Looper: Preview & Trailer

Looper: The latest Rian Johnson film looks set to be a big Sci-fi hit.

The film I am most looking forward to seeing before the year is out is almost with us. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in the latest sci-fi, time travelling thriller that promises an intriguing concept and a clever storyline that has really got me interested. So the mob uses the outlawed time travel to do a bit of body disposal, sending the target back in time to an awaiting gun man to be killed. Simple. But then this is where the story gets good as our hitman, Joe, at 25 years old, is faced with the premise of killing Joe… his 55 year old self as he is thrown back in time. Insert super cool action, crazy fun and some guns from this point onwards. Just will it live up to what it promises?

The picture looks great, and the make up work on Levitt’s face to make him look more like Willis is pretty good, though still hard to see how he could become some fugly in 30 years. The trailer looks great, so give it a watch and then wait patiently for the film to come out.


10 thoughts on “Looper: Preview & Trailer

  1. Your not the only one looking forward to it.

    Though his review hasn’t come out yet, I know the film critic for “The Miami Herald” liked “Looper” more than “The Master”–probably giving it 3.5/4 stars.

  2. The best thing about Johnson is, according to an interview he did (can’t remember with what site, might have been AV Club), he tries to diverge away from the genre he’s writing a script for while writing it. So he pulls stuff from other genres while writing, which I think is genius. Both Brick and Brothers Bloom were incredible, and I also cannot wait for Looper as it seems to be the film that will be his most memorable, and also give him the credit he deserves.

    1. Thanks for the commentvand info… Ill have to check that interview out- that’s such a great way of making a film unique. I agree, brick and brother s bloom were great and this really should give him the recognition and praise he deserves.

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