6 Animated Films I want to see in 2013

6 Animated Films I want to see in 2013

Ok, so it might not be a complete list just yet, but these are 6 animated movies that have caught my eye already for the upcoming year and I cannot wait to catch each one of these.

Wreck-it Ralph

This Disney animation is my favourite pick of the bunch. It looks like a whole lot of fun with a story that is unique and great looking. Ralph, the bad guy in a video game wants to be a good guy and begins on a fun journey that sees him game hop into a first person shooter before meeting up with Vanellope von Schweetz in a kart racing game. Insert a big threat that Ralph has inadvertently unleashed and you’ve got yourself a fun film. For you Americans, you get it early this November, us Brits on the other hand have to wait longer than everyone else in the world to catch this flick in the middle of February. Check out the trailer:


This one looks absolutely beautiful and the title of the film could well be describing the look of it. You can expect some comedy from this little adventure film when a teenager finds herself somehow transported into the stunning green forest where there are some good guys, and some bad guys, where she must help save their little world. Sound a bit like FernGully anyone? Well, who cares, this looks like a great little feature that still shouldn’t be missed next year.

Monsters University:

The sequel, well, prequel, to one of my favourite animated films ever made is coming out in the middle of next year. We get to watch the relationship between Mike and Sulley develop as they go through the University of Fear. For many of those kids that watched the original in 2001, they will now be at University and I’m sure that is much of the wide appeal! Smart cookies these people at Disney Pixar, you know. I’m sure we can expect some great laughs along the way. I loved the trailer:

Escape From Planet Earth

I watched the trailer of this and added it to my to watch list immediately. It’s going to be a fun comedy that sees BASA astronaut Scorch Supernova trapped after responding to an SOS call from the dangerous alien planet. Should be a good’un.

Despicable Me 2

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Despicable Me, but whether this one will match up I don’t know since the whole plot is kept secret. But I’ll definitely have to be watching it just for these silly yellow things.


Another by Disney, to be released at the end of next year. I’d rather watch the other five above first, but that’s because this is Disney’s adaption of The Snow Queen and frankly, from what I know already (which isn’t very much), the other five sound more fun and interesting. We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m sure this will still be a good’un (no trailer yet).

Honorouable Mention goes to Paperman.
This little short will feature in front of possibly my favourite looking film of the 6, Wreck-it Ralph when it is released in the cinema. The short is in black and white and looks like something to enjoy.

If you have any additional films you would add to the list, please say and do tell what your favourite is. I could easily have missed some…


9 thoughts on “6 Animated Films I want to see in 2013

  1. Very cool article. I am massively excited for Monsters University. Monsters Inc is still my favourite Pixar flick, and I am keen to see them bounce back after Brave. A little intrigued by the Disney film you mentioned at the end – haven’t heard anything about that.

  2. I still need to see Despicable Me…hehe I heard it was excellent. I love these choices though. Wreck It Ralph and Epic in particular for me. I still need to see Hotel Transylvania though…

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