Lawless: Gritty & Violent, but too much LaBeouf ★★★

Coming after The Proposition and The Road, I had great expectations for Lawless, a prohibition-era film that follows the true story of the Bondurant brothers in the early 1930’s, played by Hardy, Clarke and LaBeouf (who feels out of place constantly), but I was left feeling disapointed when it failed to deliver on what initial expectation I had given the actors and writers involved here. The performances were generally good with Pearce, Hardy and co offering some great moments, both blackly funny and violent, with beautiful cinematography throughout. Whilst the violence is plentyful, gritty and brutal and always created superbly, Lawless fails to deliver an in-depth and interesting plot and that features too much LaBeouf.

Thought it was about time I put this up. Image from: Lawless, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here


12 thoughts on “Lawless

  1. Would you say that LaBeouf looks out of place because of the higher caliber of the other actors, or because it was not the type of film/role he is suited for? I’m still unsure about going to see this…

    1. I would say both in this instance. The other actors do out-perform him in every scene, but I also felt that this role didn’t suit his acting style or personality, – maybe it’s because I’m used to him being in films that are completely different to this.

    1. Haha, I don’t hate him, I just don’t rate him that highly either. Every film I’ve ever seen him in, he’s been outclassed, (whether that be because of superb acting or superb body sculpture of the opposite sex) – Transformers, Disturbia, Indiana Jones etc.

  2. With an awesome cast, and some electrifying moments of blood and action, Lawless has a lot going for it being the last big blockbuster of the summer, even if it isn’t all that fast-paced as some people may think. Good review.

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