A Mothers Son

A Mothers Son:ITV’s two part drama is an engrossing and thought provoking thriller

A Mother’s Son is a thrilling and thought provoking two part drama that leaves you feeling anxious as you watch Rosie, played by the superb Hermione Norris who does subdued pain in a way few others manage, become a distrusting mother to her son, Jamie, who begins to act suspiciously in the light of a young girls murder. An excellent cast acts out a wonderfully written script that see’s us watch Rosie battle a dilemma about a mothers’ love and what she should do in the light of some recent discoveries about her son; is he a murderer and if so, as a mother, what do you do? We are thrown some red herrings along the way and whilst it was a well paced drama that made us question the other characters involved, I was still left feeling, perhaps unfairly, disappointed by the lack of a final twist.

Image from: A Mothers Son, ITV, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available here


2 thoughts on “A Mothers Son

    1. It raised some interesting thoughts and feelings about how you would react – great watching with other family members and discussing how as a brother, father, mother etc and how each would react. I like these sort of topics when they are explored in tv.

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