Thoughts; Terrible films you can’t help but love!





Terrible films you can’t help but love: Why are there so many of these? Films that are so terrible, that they become strangely good. Films so serious but so stupid, that they become amazingly hilarious. The whole subject and idea of terrible films that you love came up the other day after watching Snakes on a Plane whilst on TV. It is, along with some others, one of the best worst films ever, which with the inclusion of Samuel Jackson, makes this a ‘classic’ in every sense of the phrase, “best worst films ever“.

So thinking along the subject with a couple of others, we quickly came up with a fair few films that could of been listed here. But these are just a couple we came up with.

Back when I watched Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, I knew I was in for a fun ride. I find that the films direction and attempt at making it a serious sci-fi horror makes this one of those films that is truly so bad that it is hilariously good. If it were to have been an outright comedy from the start, I don’t think you would have found this film in this list. Terrible acting, terrible script, terrible execution, you name it, it was terrible – but, it does still make me want to watch Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.

When The Matrix came to my head, it wasn’t initially a film I never thought I could put on this list. Then I remembered The Matrix Revolutions, a film I expected a lot of, but a film that delivered so very little. It was a terrible film but somehow, really enjoyable thanks to the quite epic attack on Zion and the usual Matrix stunts. Perhaps unworthy of this list, given that it wasn’t actually that terrible nor that lovable. But considering the first film in the series was one of the most interesting, complex and enjoyable films I’ve ever seen, it really did fall short, but I still loved it come the end credits, so thought it deserved some form of mention here, albeit a convoluted one that I haven’t really put my point across well in.

Mentioning Mortal Kombat in this list is a must, too, given the upcoming 2013 release that I’m oddly looking forward to seeing. This 1995 release is another terrible, yet oh so good film that from the very beginning, should never have been made in the first place. So when it was converted into a film, it turned out predictably bad. But the constant techno left me strangely addicted, up until the point when the film finished and I realised that I had wasted 100 minutes of my life watching a really quite bad film. I have, however, watched it since, so there must be something good about it, surely, so it deserves its place in this little list.

Perhaps these splendid films deserve a Three Sentence Critic review. Oh, yes, how I can’t wait to re-watch these to make sure I get a true sense of what they’re about and to ensure that I’ve not missed anything along the way. There are, of course, many other films that could easily be added to this list, so please, tell us the name and something about some of those terrible films that you love and I’ll add it to my list of terrible but oh so good list films to watch and review.


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