Cockneys Vs Zombies

Cockney’s Vs Zombies, an often funny East End based Zombie flick with some gun toting OAPs.

This latest zombie comedy, or Zomody, is an often hilarious take on the ever popular zombie genre where the undead are set free to attack the East End after some workmen mistakenly open up a tomb. There are some funny moments that see the efforts of a group of bank robbers and a group of pensioners taking on hordes of zombies in a flick that’s well worth a watch if you’re a zombie fan. But, make no mistakes, this is your typical zombie film that doesn’t push the boundaries or the norms of the genre, so expect the usual you would get from a Zomody; jokes, guns and gore, but not much more.

Image from: Cockneys Vs Zombies, (2012), [ONLINE]. Available at:


7 thoughts on “Cockneys Vs Zombies

  1. I’ve heard some good things about Cockneys vs Zombies come out of this year’s Fantastic Fest. I don’t mind by-the-numbers zombie stories as long as they’re done well and from what I’ve heard of this particular zombie-fest it manages to quite good despite the Asylum-like title.

    1. Thanks for the comment! For sure, it’s worth a watch for any zombie fan. I’ve just become slightly bored by the same old thing within this genre. I think that’s another reason for my love of the Walking Dead tv show – its something different to the usual zombie movies that we get.

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