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Welcome to ‘Thoughts’, a new section of Three Sentence Critic that sees me talk about whatever is on my mind in relation to all things film and tv. From the latest news and upcoming releases to my thoughts on rumours and the latest awards to be given to a terrible film. There won’t be any form of schedule to these posts, but hopefully you will see plenty more of them in the future.

Catch all posts in this category on the home page of the blog, or click here to see all posts in this category only – There is also a dedicated link in the menu above to give you a quick jump to all things ‘Thoughts’. Hope you enjoy what is yet to come in this blog, with more reviews coming and a whole load of other ideas that are, hopefully, going to come to fruition pretty soon, all of which you will find out about in due time.

I’ve got some more films I’m looking forward to seeing, and more reviews that I’m looking forward to posting. Perhaps I’ll start reviewing some more TV shows that I dislike – because at the moment, I don’t watch tv shows I don’t like, Sooo… I’ll have to test some more out that I a) watched previously and stopped and b) haven’t seen yet but have heard lots about.


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