Project X

I personally find it hard to enjoy a film that is shot in the so called ‘found footage’ genre (bar Chronicle), and this is no different, if anything, worse due to its awful filming, unoriginal and terrible storyline. As the teenage fantasy party goes into overdrive, Project X turns quite literally into a riot with its mashed up montage of clips that feel ham-fisted and not nearly as much fun to watch as the film makes out their party to be. Project X commits itself to creating the mother of all parties that a young teenager might fantasise about and enjoy watching or even re-creating, but in reality, it just feels dumb and not to my taste

This is a featured review – meaning that it is either a review of something that is so bad or so good that it deserves to stand out a little more.

Image from: Project X, (2012), Photos [ONLINE]. Available at: [Acc 27/08/12]


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