The Imposter

Meet Frederic Bourdin, a compelling individual with a story to tell like no other, a man that provides the voice throughout a documentary that appears to be so unbelievable you’ll be gripped from start to finish. The Imposter is a captivating tale that follows the true story of how Bourdin managed to deceive all-bar-one when he pretended to be the missing son of Beverly Dollarhide. Deception is, indeed, the focus of The Imposter and Leyton does well to portray this message as we are kept in suspense from start to finish with its well produced re-enactments and intriguing interviews that leave more unanswered questions that give some fascinating insights to Bourdin’s past so much so that you sympathise with him – raising some interesting questions about Beverly and Carey along the way so much so much so that we begin to question whether it is us who are now being deceived.

PS: Try watching The Chameleon for a film version that is based on the same story – not exactly a true to life adaption, and not a great film either, but worth a watch. And, if you are as fascinated by Bourdin as I was, look up his Youtube Acc.

Image from: The Imposter, (2012), The Imposter Poster [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 27 August 12].


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