Breaking Bad S01-04

Breaking Bad has all the elements of an entertaining, grimly funny and ultimately superb tv series thanks to a cast of well scripted and unforgettable characters from Hank, a DEA agent and the brother-in-law to our protagonist, Walt, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer turned Meth cook to Gus, a secretive and smart Meth distributer that will keep you coming back for more with their strong performances. From the opening scenes of season one to the final scenes of season four, we watch Walter White’s ‘demise’ that sees his life and that of those around him changing with each decision and dilemma he is faced with, filling us, the viewer, with concern as to what will happen in the next episode thanks to an intelligently written story that is shot with great flair where each character’s story arc is developed with pin-point accuracy as the well thought out plot thickens, leaving us on all manner of cliff hangers. With Walt beginning to lose our sympathy as each season goes by with his ever growing arrogance, ambition and audaciousness, we, along with his wife, begin to question his actions which will culminate in the fifth and final season that is a must watch.

I might do an individual season review for this series because I enjoy it that much!
Image from: Breaking Bad S05, (2012), Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode Photos [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 26 August 12].


2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad S01-04

  1. I just finished watching Season 4 last night. Missed the start of Season 5, so I’ll have to wait. I thought that Season 4 could have been a series finale. I hope this show doesn’t jump the shark.

    1. I enjoyed season 4 a lot and I’ve heard a few people say that it could have made a good season finale, but I felt that it wouldn’t have finished properly, leaving us unknowing as to what would happen to Walt afterwards. I feel this final season will close it off nicely, giving us an answer to how it actually ends for Walt. Enjoy season 5 when you get to watch it, you’ll enjoy it and see why this final season is a great way for it to close, however it ends. Thanks for the comment!

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